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Article Writing

The purpose of writing an article may be different for every individual but every different article must be written by following simple and basic strategies like the purpose of the article should be very clear and should be relevant to the topic you are writing for.
There can be different reasons of writing the articles like to attract more business, to make money through articles, to impart knowledge to others, to show you as an expert of that field etc. But understanding the purpose of writing the article always helps you to develop an excellent material by using genuine theories and examples. It also helps you to decide what kind of research you have to do and what kind of data you have to insert in that article.

Articles cited with a number example and data are always liked as it gives reader the real understanding of that topic. And more important thing is the length of the article which depends on the purpose of writing your article. Like if you are writing an article for promotion must be shorter and should contain approximately 500 to 700 words.
To develop the idea is very important, before start writing you should think upon the ways through which you can explain the particular topic, because if you don’t have a proper idea how to explain it would be very hard for the readers to understand the exact thing you want to deliver to them.
An article for promotions requires understanding the needs and desires of the audience. By understanding the psychology and mind set of the audience or the customers, you can write a very effective and convincing article and that’s a fact. Similarly if you are writing for any print publications like any magazine or newspaper then you have to understand the needs of the publication and what they are looking for.

One more important factor is the outline, which is the most simple and genuine way to organize your article. For a longer article outline should be longer as compared to a shorter one which needs it short.
When I use to write an article, I make up my mind by deciding the article very short, clear and catchy. And then I usually take the title of my article to start with. In starting I start with the explanation of the term or topic. This allows me show me knowledge and ability to explain the topic or term well. I start thinking from the reader’s point of view and then things become easier to work for.
A writer has nothing unique inside him except the ability to think from reader’s point of view, means if you know what reader wants to read or likes to read you can just do wonders. Every type of article is written for some specific group or kind of people or community and if you have the ability to think like those different types, you can be a writer.

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