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Content Writing

Content Writing is not a job, its an art. A content writer has the ability to write the content as per the requirement. Content is liked by readers only when it is unique and interesting to read. Anyone can write content on any subject by having study of that particular topic but cant be a content writer. A content writer knows what exactly the reader wants to read and what the employer demands from him. A content writer has to be creative, versatile and a little verbose, so that he can write a unique, interesting and relevant content on the topics given to him. So a content writer with these skills always is in high demand. Content Writing is necessary in all most all the textual fields as everyone cant write content even if one has a very good verbal and written English. It needs a innovative style of writing the stuff, explaining it in a unique way that it becomes interesting and compels the reader to read more.

Web Content Writing : Content is the most vital part of web. Everyone runs after internet for getting information regarding different things and thus content has a vital role to play in websites. Top websites like Google, Yahoo, Blogger, WordPress, Wikipedia and Linked in has achieved top 20 rankings due to its informative and knowledge rich content. But who has written all that stuff on those websites ?? The owners of these websites ?? Answer is no. The Content writers of these websites has made them big, but they don’t get the recognition. But the skills never go waste even if they are not known or ignored. One can become a web content writer with little efforts if one has good command on written English.

SEO Content Writing : Professional Content writing for search engine optimization has evolved into a vital SEO tool. Content has the most important role in optimizing any website in Google and other search engine focus on the content or knowledge the particular website provides to the users and thus websites with better content or SEO friendly content gets more weightage and comes higher in search rankings after getting crawled by Google’s Search Algorithm software slowly and then maintains top rankings with time. So the need of SEO content has evolved a new domain of work called SEO Content Writing and thus have provided income source to many people who have writing skills and can devote some extra time towards writing apart from their regular routine job. And many people have made SEO Content writing as their full time job, and they work as freelance and take projects from the market and deliver the work. Web Daksh has recently launched its content writing services for SEO, to offer complete portfolio of services. All major search engines are now content-centric and no matter how impressive the link building exercise, creative content for SEO is now an essential part of any webmaster’s check-list. From basic website content to press releases, every website has to emphasis its creative content for a successful web presence.

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