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Ghost Writer

Ghost Writing is a premium quality service availed by industry experts and creative folks who have ideas and concepts but lack time and necessary skills to pen a book. This concept is now getting popular in India since writing a book provides clients credibility and authenticity as a thought leader and influencer.
Ghost Writing services can result in various kind of products. A ghost writer can write fiction & non-fiction which can further diversify into various genres across industries. It can be a business book or even a biography.
Ghost Writing is a win-win situation for both clients and the writer. The writer takes a fixed amount to write the entire book and give the copy rights to the client. Moreover, a confidentiality agreement has to be signed between the writer and the client. The agreement will bound the writer for no claim on royalty whatsoever; moreover the ghost writer can make no claim to any part of the book at any platform.
At the same time, the client gets a book written; the thoughts of the client are shaped and converted into black and white after thorough research, planning and writing. The book can be marketed and a lot of press can be eventually gained around it. Ghost Writers may also consult and advice on publishing since they have prior experience and connections.
A common myth that is usually observed in this domain is that the client doesn’t have to work at all after having a ghost writer. In reality - it is a partnership and there has to be exchange of ideas, information and more to produce something which is in sync with the client’s imagination. There are regular discovery meetings and reviews so that things remain on track.
Hire a ghost writer and convert your imagination into reality - become a thought leader and lead the way ahead.

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