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Online Promotion

Online Promotion – History

Online promotion is the most hot and happening phenomena in the web industry nowadays. Web 2.0 has cited the immense changes since its beginning. There was a time when dot com bubble grew like anything (1994 – 99) and everybody got excited about this new online market, a lot of companies popped up in order to take advantage of it, people were eager to invest in anything that had “internet” somewhere in the business plan, but they forgot to look for actual ways to make money off of their ventures. They just thought, let’s get people browsing our sites and we’ll figure out the rest later. But this was against all the theories of management and it had to fail. And finally the day came one when the biggest website of the world announced that it has no source of income and the ads on yahoo and other websites are of no use, this lead to the burst of dot com bubble. March 2000 was the time which faced the biggest financial turmoil. But after Google introduced his new ad algorithm which had the biggest tool – RELEVANCY in it, the dot com industry recovered and now since then its growing without looking back.

Online Promotion – Explanation

Online promotion is the process of promoting product or services using internet. Though in India yet only 7 % people are using internet and then also India stands on 4th number in total internet users of the world. If we talk of the world 28.7 % of the world’s population and in last ten years usage of internet has seen the growth percentage of 444.6 % and in India it was 1,520 %. Now these statistics shows the future and importance of online marketing and promotion.
Today a number of companies are there who are earning high only through online promotions. All the real estate, travels and e commerce websites have been in the market and earning well just by internet marketing and online promotions. They pay different to search engine for paid listings of their ads and from those ads they get a huge amount of business.
Online market has a huge potential as every day internet users are growing at a rapid pace. There is a lot of untapped market and this market will increase in multiples in coming time. So companies who are earning well are not just enjoying the profits but are also making themselves ready for the coming future challenges and opportunities.

Online Promotion – Explanation

SEO & SMO or long term and future oriented promotion of the websites and are time taking processes but if once you are positioned well then it very good as it becomes hard for your present or new competitors to beat you. But online advertisements like Par Per click or Pay per cost are short term and instant ways to get traffic and business.

Online Promotions – Benefits

  • Being found first in search results
  • Gaining an advantage over your competitors
  • Attaining the highest rate of traffic to your website
  • Taking your position as your industry’s leader
  • Attracting more quality sales leads
  • Increasing business revenue
  • Enhancing business profitability
  • Improving business sustainability
  • Very Cost effective
  • Higher Rate of return
  • Long term Positioning
  • Low cost, instant communication
  • Increasing brand value, equity & awareness

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